FNSI result and more

So, for FNSI, I did another practice block trying to get the seams just right before I started on the blocks for my sister’s baby quilt. The practice block is in some springy brights that I had lying around from a Sassy charm pack (bottom right). Then I pieced a row of the chevron blocks for a quilt for my brother (top). Finally, today, I got around to putting together the blocks for the baby quilt. I have one left to trim and it’s not there on the wall, but three of its mates are. I had been going to do some mixed pinks and greens for the baby quilt, but I picked up some Kona that went great with the Domestic Bliss charm pack and a half I had in my stash, so I made another baby quilt top with it instead of the pinks and greens and greys.

All in all, not a bad sewing weekend. Now for getting school stuff ready for the week and doing a bit of editing before bed. Two books to do this week, so I won’t have much time to play around before my sister gets here this week, but I’m hoping to be able to show off the finished quilt top by then, at least. I know I won’t have it quilted by then, but at least she’ll get a sneak peek. :)


The ugly block

So, I didn’t love my EPP block after I got it all together. And then I quilted it. As it turns out, quilting makes even the ugly things kind of pretty.

Since I didn’t love the block when I got it pieced, I put it up for grabs on FB and my mom claimed it and wanted it as a pot holder. Well, it’s a little big for a potholder, so I made a big hot pad for her table or countertop instead. BUT…I’ve never made a quilted hot pad before so I wasn’t quite sure how much batting to use to keep it from transferring too much heat. I used two layers of regular quilt batting with a layer of insul bright between them. Quilting that many layers was kind of beastly and it turned out super puffy, which is cool to look at but not so cool to quilt (as you can probably tell from my crappy, wobbly quilt lines). I think maybe just two layers of insul bright next time will do the trick. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I’ve got some more work to wrap up and then I’m knocking off for a few hours to get some sewing done since it’s Friday Night Sew In at Handmade by Heidi’s blog. Hopefully, I can get some piecing done tonight since I haven’t gotten much of anything done this week on the quilt tops.

Wanna join in? Head over to Heidi’s and sign up.

My weekend results

I had so much fun sewing this weekend. I still have loads more to knock off my list, but I’ve made a good bit of progress on some of the things that were piling up over the last couple months. I’ve cut out pieces for a few bags (pics will have to come later), and I got four large quilt blocks done and two of my granny square blocks done and the rest laid out so I can piece them together quickly this evening when I get home.

First up is the first four months of the Fat Quarter Shop’s Designer Mystery Quilt. I get these as a block a month thing, but I’d only attempted the first one before this weekend. My first attempt didn’t turn out so well, so I made it again and made the remaining three as well.

FQS BOM 1 thru 4

FQS BOM 1 thru 4

Next up, two of the Granny Squares quilt blocks. I can probably finish up the blocks for the top tonight if I get around to sewing later this evening.

Granny Squares blocks

Granny Squares Blocks

Finally, a wrist pincushion because I’m sick to death of poking my fingers every time I need to line up a seam on these darn blocks. Plus, it’s just cute and I like cute.

Wrist Pincushion

Wrist Pincushion

Now I’m off to Joann’s to pick up some covered button kits, some purse hardware, and some seat cushion foam because my butt is killing me after sitting on my hard, wooden sewing chair all weekend.

All told, not a bad FNSI result. :)

P.S. Sorry about the crap lighting in the pics, but I don’t have time to screw around with getting decent shots today. Too busy having fun! ;)


A Friday Night for Me

It has been way too long since I’ve updated here–way too long since I’ve done any of my fun hobbies, actually. My last post was very nearly my last crafty adventure. I’ve been up to my itchy eyeballs in projects that have nothing to do with sewing or knitting or just plain fun. So, I’ve declared this weekend a “me weekend” and I’m seriously looking forward to it.

To start things off, tonight is Handmade by Heidi’s and Crafty Vegas Mom’s Friday Night Sew-In. They’ve change the rules a bit, and extended the deadline for posting until Sunday, so I’m going to take the whole weekend and get started on my terribly long list of projects that need work. I’ve got a stupid long list of Christmas gifts that need started or finished, plus I would love to have my Granny Squares Quilt done before the holidays.

If you’ve got projects piling up and need to make the time to work on them, tonight’s the perfect night to start. Just head over to the Sew In signup, put your name on the list, then blog your craftiness by Sunday (or upload to the flickr group if you don’t have a blog) and you’re entered for the prize drawings. Scratching things off your “to do” list plus getting entered into the prize drawing–wins all around. :)

In other news, tomorrow is the first day of fall. I am so. very. ready. for cooler weather. I hate summer. Truly hate it. Some people get down in the dumps over the long winter. Not me. I love the cool and cold weather, but I am a surly bear with a porcupine up its butt all summer long.  I’ve been buying apples and cider and thinking about root vegetables roasting in the oven. I’ve been making caramel to dip my apples in and to drizzle on pretty much everything I can. My oven has started getting a workout again, the windows are open, and my world is balancing out finally. There’s pretty much nothing about fall I don’t love.

For some reason, I’m more ready than usual for cooler weather this year. And I’ve been bitten by a decorating bug. I’m not a big decorator. I just don’t have time for it, usually. But I’m dying to whip up some of these in some fun Indian summer/fall colors:

Fabric Pumpkins via The Thompson Family

Fabric Pumpkins

Want to make some for yourself? Danielle has a super simple tutorial for making them over at her blog, Thompson Family, so check it out if you want to whip a few of these up for your fall decorating.

And now, dear people, I am off to actually start enjoying my weekend (and to eat a couple dozen of the warm peanut butter cookies that just came out of the oven). Have a fun, safe weekend, and I’ll be back throughout the weekend to post my progress on whatever I manage to get accomplished.



So, last night’s FNSI was more of a bust than I’d anticipated. I had projects I’d planned to work on, but every project had materials in the “not yet pre-washed” category. I decided that since I had to wash several different colors of fabric, I might as well put all the mini-bolts off the shelves that hadn’t been washed yet and get them washed as well. Much to my embarrassment, I ended up with around 75 yards of fabric that needed washed. Apparently, I’ve been lazy about pre-washing since I got my new sewing room and started stockpiling load after load of fabric. :( I made it through more than half the fabric last night, worked on some a little bit today, and I’ll finish up here in a while so it will all be done.

Thanks to all the fussing over fabric I did all night, I only managed to crank out two measly little quilt blocks. I only managed to get those done because they were the only thing on my list of projects to work on that I didn’t need to wash something for before starting.

Granny Squares

2 more Granny Squares

At the rate I’m going, I may finish the quilt top by Christmas. Next Christmas, that is.

Well, that was my Friday Night Sew In. How was yours? Hopefully you planned better than I did.

I’m off. The iron is handy, and I’ve got a mountain of fabric to wrap onto bolts so that I can actually accomplish something in the near future.


P.S. I should be tired of it by now, but every time I look at the stacks of squares I have cut, I fall more in love with the California Girl fabrics. They just make me so darn happy!