Peasant Dress


Let me just take a moment before I start rambling to give a shout to the lovely people who have been emailing me and letting me know they miss my (sporadic) posts. I honestly didn’t think there were any readers who’d miss me, but I was wrong. Thanks for checking in and I’ll try to make time in my hectic schedule to post more frequently. You’re all too sweet to abandon!

My sister (one of the many) recently got married on the beach, far from family and friends in a quiet little ceremony. The pictures are gorgeous and she and my brand new brother-in-law are totally adorable together. Since they married out of town, they’re throwing a reception in about a week and a half, so we’re going to be traveling up there and taking a bit of a laid-back vacation while we’re at it.

Of course, wedding or not, everyone needed spiffy new clothes for the reception, so I’ve been dragged all over creation looking for just the right outfits for kids. Punky, well, she wanted a dress made from a pattern she’s been nagging me about for a while now. I really haven’t had the time to make one for her because I’ve been pulling some CRAZY hours editing loads of books this year.

Since it’s a necessity, though, I had to sit down and sew one up for her. ;) Such a hardship for a person who loves sewing. She tromped along to Joann’s and picked out a couple of twill fabrics for her dress. I chose twill because I don’t want Little Miss Rough-and-Tumble tearing holes in the dress the first five minutes she has it on, but she picked her prints. NOT what I would have chosen, but they’re cute together. She has a pretty good eye.

The pattern by Create Kids Couture  is available free on, but I didn’t think she’d get more than a couple of times wearing the dress before she outgrew it, so I did have to grade the pattern up a bit since it only goes to size 6. Grading was a snap and if you want instructions on how to do it, just ask. With the basic idea down, you could grade it up for any size pre-boobage girl, I’m sure. You’d have to make additional adjustments if you need to fit  for busty girls since it’s a slim-fit. Also, you can make either a dress or a top with the same pattern–especially nice since I have a bunch of leftover material.

The pattern went together like a dream. It’s super easy…even someone who has never sewn before could manage it, so if you need a little girl dress, give it a shot. In fact, I let Dewey (11), who has never done any sewing with me before, put quite a few of the seams together and he managed just fine. I’m fairly sure Kearsey (10) could have managed the entire dress on her own, so it really is beginner friendly. The hem and neck/arm elastic casings took far longer to iron and pin than anything else in the project.  If you just want a play dress, you could probably serge the hem arm casings and leave them unturned (just sew your arm elastic directly onto the sleeve), saving yourself a lot of time . Punky loves the dress so much, I may make her a couple of play dresses like that, so I’ll update if I do and let you know how the un-turned edges and elastic changes look.


P.S. Excuse the crappy photo. I had to bribe her just to get a smile. She was NOT having the whole photo shoot thing and refused to budge from that spot. *sigh*


FNSI result and more

So, for FNSI, I did another practice block trying to get the seams just right before I started on the blocks for my sister’s baby quilt. The practice block is in some springy brights that I had lying around from a Sassy charm pack (bottom right). Then I pieced a row of the chevron blocks for a quilt for my brother (top). Finally, today, I got around to putting together the blocks for the baby quilt. I have one left to trim and it’s not there on the wall, but three of its mates are. I had been going to do some mixed pinks and greens for the baby quilt, but I picked up some Kona that went great with the Domestic Bliss charm pack and a half I had in my stash, so I made another baby quilt top with it instead of the pinks and greens and greys.

All in all, not a bad sewing weekend. Now for getting school stuff ready for the week and doing a bit of editing before bed. Two books to do this week, so I won’t have much time to play around before my sister gets here this week, but I’m hoping to be able to show off the finished quilt top by then, at least. I know I won’t have it quilted by then, but at least she’ll get a sneak peek. :)


The ugly block

So, I didn’t love my EPP block after I got it all together. And then I quilted it. As it turns out, quilting makes even the ugly things kind of pretty.

Since I didn’t love the block when I got it pieced, I put it up for grabs on FB and my mom claimed it and wanted it as a pot holder. Well, it’s a little big for a potholder, so I made a big hot pad for her table or countertop instead. BUT…I’ve never made a quilted hot pad before so I wasn’t quite sure how much batting to use to keep it from transferring too much heat. I used two layers of regular quilt batting with a layer of insul bright between them. Quilting that many layers was kind of beastly and it turned out super puffy, which is cool to look at but not so cool to quilt (as you can probably tell from my crappy, wobbly quilt lines). I think maybe just two layers of insul bright next time will do the trick. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I’ve got some more work to wrap up and then I’m knocking off for a few hours to get some sewing done since it’s Friday Night Sew In at Handmade by Heidi’s blog. Hopefully, I can get some piecing done tonight since I haven’t gotten much of anything done this week on the quilt tops.

Wanna join in? Head over to Heidi’s and sign up.

It’s me. Are you shocked?

Bet you didn’t think I was still alive. I am, though. :) I’ve been busy. Too busy to play around with fun stuff because I’ve had my nose buried in book after incredible book.

I’m back today and maybe even tomorrow with a teensy bit of crafting fun.

We took the kiddos to see Oz the Great and Powerful on Saturday night, so Sunday we stayed in and Eddie tore out the old bathtub while I pieced a bit of a quilt block. I had such a restful day I didn’t want it to end. I can’t even remember the last time I just relaxed.

Anyway, this is what came of the funky little star block I was working on Sunday. I finished the rest up this morning while still tucked under the covers. There’s certainly something to be said for hand sewing. This was my first time with English paper piecing and I think I may become an addict simply because it’s so portable.

The star is Michael Miller and the rest is Tina Givens (Haven’s Edge). I’m not super thrilled with the bright against the dark brown, but my boys picked it out (and boy child swears he’s going to steal the block).

I am off for now. I have to try to get a quilt top put together today so I can tell the hubby was size conduit I need him to buy for my Flynn quilt frame when he goes to Home Depot to get the stuff for his bathtub project.

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Sewing room hell…or Jen is a lazy girl

I am cancelling Christmas this year. Not because I’m a Scrooge. I just don’t have time for it. I jest.

In reality, I’ll be spending the majority of the month up until all hours working myself into a tizzy trying to get the rest of my Christmas presents finished. Today I feel lazy and I don’t want to do it. Why? Because I first have to clean up the horrid mess I’ve made of my teensy weensy sewing room.

This is what happens when I sew and don’t clean up after myself and then buy new shiz and don’t put it away and make new stuff and don’t squirrel the stuff away in the appropriate container. It’s sewing closet hell.



Desk from hell

There is a table underneath here somewhere.


Floor? I think so. Maybe.


I should feel shame. Instead, I’m just annoyed that I don’t have a maid.