Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to Dewey!

Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of the yummy food we had for Thanksgiving this year. My sisters were here (two of them, at least) and I was so busy trying to cook and eke out a few minutes to spend with them that I completely forgot to take pictures of all the goodies.

We had our Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday because the girls had to work out different days to come down thanks to crazy college schedules, moving, and working.  It’s never a big deal to us to celebrate holidays on different days though. It’s just one of those things you get used to when you’ve got a military husband who is either on duty himself or is bringing friends over for dinner who are on duty for the holiday or a brother and his friends who are on duty.  We do a lot of shuffling here.

Anyway, today is Thanksgiving for most of you out there, and today, I’m especially thankful for my handsome little guy who turns ten today. I can’t believe my little bug-eyed squirt has grown so much or that I’m old enough to have a ten year old–a ten year old who enjoys being silly almost as much as I do.

Silly Mom and Dewey

Dewey and Mom being their usual silly selves

Happy Birthday to Me!

I got a cute little ball of fur for my birthday this year.

Cooter the Kitty

My little Cooter Bug

He’s a gorgeous, snuggly little purr monster. And within minutes of being brought into the house he was the dog’s best friend.

Dante and Cooter

Dante and his new buddy Cooter. Snuggle pals for life.

Shockingly, Dante did not try to gobble him up or bark or growl at him. He loves kitties, though, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s nice to have another four footed creature for him to pal around with…if I can bear to let Cooter off my lap.

Happy Birthday to Kearsey!

Today is my first baby girl’s birthday. Now, I have to be honest here and tell you that I was pretty certain she’d never make it to her ninth birthday. She is just a disaster. Well, she was. She seems to have grown out of that fairly well in the past year. Maybe it has something to do with her nearly losing her finger last year, but she’s grown up a lot since then. KK is turning into such a sweet, helpful, pretty girl. Interested in boys, but determined not to deal with the headache of having one in her life when she grows up. A hot mess who goes through lip gloss like our military goes through funding.

So many seemingly conflicting things to say about her, but she’s my special girl. The helpful, mothering hen who scares me to death by reminding me so much of myself at her age.

Princess Kearsey

Kearsey years ago in her die-hard princess phase

I love you and I’m glad that A) you grew out of this phase because I know nothing about princessy shit and B) you still have your finger.