Wrapping up summer

This summer has been long, hot, and well…hotter. I’m so glad that it looks like we’re finally in that stage of the summer where the temps stay at 90 or below. None of us here particularly love scorching hot days. I wish we were that picture-perfect outdoorsy sort of family that just thrived on hot summer days because we have so many of them. However, we are neither picture-perfect or that outdoorsy sort of family. It doesn’t help that we have so many fair skinned family members that going outside is like holding our own lobster bake with us as the lobsters. Plus, there’s a small issue of critters like this gorgeous lady roaming around our property:

Black Widow

A small, but beautiful black widow on the side of the house

Creatures like this one wouldn’t be an issue if it weren’t for Punky. She’s so brave and naive that she thinks every¬†critter she finds wants to be her friend. She tries to let wasps land on her and coos at bumble bees while they plunder my lavender. She gets tickled pink about the snakes and spiders and worms and…well, you get the point. It’s just not safe to let her near the “bad” creepy crawlies, otherwise, I’d have kept this beauty.

Anyway, our little family is doing pretty well so far this month. It’s been a busy few weeks with school for the kids, lots of school planning for me, LOTS of housework getting caught up, some gardening, and Eddie’s weird work schedule. We’ve been getting out and about a little more frequently since I can make it through quite a long outing now without being in too much pain from my foot. By the time I get home, I’m usually ready to scream because my foot is hurting, but I can at least WALK–a generally thoughtless act that I’ll never take for granted again.

The older three kids and I were at the eye doc on Monday morning. There was not enough of a change in my eyes to warrant new specs although I may end up getting a pair as backup since I’m either continually misplacing mine or adding new scratches to them. Dewey and Ari’s eyes were fine. The doc gave Kearsey a prescription for wearing while she reads. Hopefully, it will help with the reading issues that she has, but more likely, she’s either just a slow reader or slightly dyslexic. The doc said to try it out for several months and if she’s showing no improvement, it’s probably a learning difficulty, but not one severe enough to worry much about since she IS reading most things correctly.

Kearsey is excited about her new girly specs though. They weren’t supposed to come in until Monday, but they called today and said we could pick them up. Probably won’t be able to get them until Friday when Eddie has a bonus day off.

Now we just have to get Mackenzie to a pediatric eye doctor that can deal with kids who don’t speak much or at all. Once we’ve covered that base, it’s on to getting her evaluated for special services and getting an official diagnosis before we start Kindergarten with her next year. We’re really hoping that the medical insurance will take care of some of the therapy she will need. That would be such a huge boon.