If, as the saying goes…

“A day late, a dollar short,” then I’m about 366 dollars short since it’s been a YEAR since I posted anything here.

Life, as usual, has been busy and more than a little chaotic for us. Basically, it’s been so busy that if you aren’t my friend on facebook, you’d probably never hear what’s new with me because I just haven’t had the time to keep in contact with people on an individual basis. I know that’s shameful, but it’s life…for now, at least.

The school year with the kids has been fraught with all sorts of difficulties thanks to injuries and stupid schedules. It’s a good thing we do school year round, because otherwise, we’d be in way too deep right now.

So, here’s the quick and dirty of the past year. I broke my big toe in a huge way while kicking around a soccer ball with the kids. I spent the summer in pain, my foot huge, swollen, and pretty much every color imaginable, and couldn’t get my foot in anything other than a flip-flop for three months.

Two days after I did that, Kearsey decided it would be great fun to lock her brother and sister in the garage in the dark. They freaked out, she tried to undo the lock on the outside of the garage door, got her finger caught, and the kids inside managed to ram the door hard enough to tear the lock AND HER FINGERTIP off. It was a majorly stressful situation, to say the very least. She was seen by several docs, a couple of specialists, and an insane number of curious hospital staff. At first they considered shaving down the bone in her fingertip because it was sticking out. She’d just have had a shorter finger for the rest of her life. The specialists and plastic surgeons finally agreed that, due to her age and the fact that there was still a small amount of tissue near the tip of the bone, they would see if it would grow back. Thankfully, it did grow back almost entirely. Her finger looks a little funky, but it has healed nicely. It did look like this, though:

Missing fingertip

KK's Fingertip got torn off in the garage door

Then in October, we decided to play a little football in the yard, Kearsey dashed in front of me and promptly fell, I tried to avoid stepping on her, and succeeded in twisting my foot badly and falling on it. As it turns out, I shouldn’t be playing sports because I broke, sprained, tore ligaments, and dislocated crap in my foot.

Borked Foot

Totally borked foot. For real. It's borked for life.

After seeing a couple of specialists and a handful of docs, I had surgery, got a couple of screws put in and spent nearly 7 months not being able to even touch my foot to the floor. Another surgery to get the screws out, a couple months (and a lot of painful missteps) later, and I’m walking, albeit with a pronounced limp and no small amount of pain. Some days are worse than others, but we’ve been able to walk down to the waterfront (about 6 or 7 blocks away) and back a couple of times recently, so I’m definitely improving. In the last month or so, I’ve managed to stop using the crutches completely, so maybe by the time the kids are in high school, I’ll be fit enough to toss the football with them again.

We’ve had lots of family visits in the last year. It’s been enjoyable, but each time I’ve felt bad because I haven’t exactly been up to entertaining and cooking for endless hours–not to mention being unable to even run the vacuum. Poor Ed has had to do the lion’s share of the work around here, although I’ve done my best to help out as much as possible.

Now that I’m finally able to walk (limp) around pretty well, we’ve been busting our butts getting outside planting done. I’d gotten fall plants to put in just before I borked myself in the fall, and half of them died or didn’t get planted because I was incapacitated (or off my gourd on pain meds–YAY for pain meds, by the way). Needless to say, Mom being high, didn’t make for a conducive school year, so we did a lot of our school work with Mom clenching her teeth against the pain because I couldn’t function on the meds. Half days were all we could manage a lot of days, and we did actually take a longer break in the fall because we do school year-round, so it was manageable.

Things are fairly normal now, and hopefully they’ll stay that way for the next 50 years or so. I’m about over stress and pain and unpredictable days.

Our garden is coming along. This week we replaced two of our large raised beds that we had to leave behind when we moved last year. We’ve got an insane number (and variety) of tomatoes and peppers planted. Our herbs are CRAZY. We put in some blueberry bushes, the strawberries are coming along (they did not handle moving very well at all and we lost almost all of them), the flowers are starting to look nice, and we’ve got plans for the horrible little pond in the front yard.

I’ll post some pics of garden-y stuff when/if I get a chance, but for now, load number three of laundry is demanding attention. I’ve got a mountain of laundry, piles of dishes, and a really filthy house that need my attention. We’ve been outside so much lately that the inside has decided to go bonkers on us.


Updated to add: I’m cleaning out all the old blog posts and (hopefully) by doing so, I’ll declutter the space so I actually want┬áto write here again. There’s just too much old junk and it goes months or even a year or so between posts. I don’t like that, so I’m getting rid of it all.